[Coco] classic 200x60 banners returning

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Oct 4 14:48:20 EDT 2009

Don't panic - I'm trying to PHP-code the 200x60 CoCo banners back 
into the site in the header area, so you might notice some glitches today.

As some of you know, these banners were all that the original 
coco3.com consisted of along with some short text underneath 
each.  They were arranged in a simple tower style and marked the 
original intent of coco3.com, to offer service to others.  I think I 
called this the CoCoTower.  I remember designing the original 
site/page on a crappy WebTV unit before I "went PC" back 
then.  Anyhow, the banners are still awesome and deserve to be 
seen.  A lot of work was obviously put into some of the graphics by the owners.

I'll be adding these banners into an AdRotate plug-in which gives 
each banner a slice of random appearance on each page load.

If you want to update your 200x60 banner (the size doesn't have to be 
exact, btw), or submit a new CoCo banner, just e-mail it to me with a 
URL and I'll check it out.

~ Roger Taylor

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