[Coco] Coco3.com Issues

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 12:13:00 EDT 2009

I am not sure whats going on with the coco3.com web site. After the change over to the new format I posted a link to my archives in an attempt to make sure that information is still there for users and all i got in return was a reply from the admin that I could have used an insert link function in my message and how they will have to correct my error later. Not a thanks for contributing or at least the courtesy to not be rude about a minor issue in my post.
I don't mind donating to a web site to keep it running, I know it's not free but I think the admins there may want to spend a little less time trying to Satisfy Steve Bjork, who though he is a great coco programmer seems to be a bit arrogant in the way he has treated Roger as of late. (If he wants to leave the community then do it but don't be rude to people trying to get things back up and running). And maybe try being a bit more friendly to those who want to help because we love the coco and love the years of enjoyment coco3.com has provided.

So in conclusion Coco3 Admins: Ignore Steve Bjork and hisUuber-Ego. Remember there are those out there who want to help the site be re-built and grow.

** Mistrust Authority. Promote Decentralization **



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