[Coco] Strange.... two 40 track disks on one 80 track disk?

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Sun Nov 1 15:23:51 EST 2009

There is a way to run 80 track drives in RS-Basic.  Unfortunately if you try 
to run them on a 36 or 40 track system they directory gets scrambled.

Bruce W.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Fedor Steeman"

> Hi all,
> Thanks for all the responses.
> I am quite sure these disks are single-sided and that they came from a 
> setup
> that could use and access 80 track disks. The collection of stuff 
> (including
> the diskettes) I inherited is quite extensive and were used by a highly
> skilled CoCo user. There are drives that are cleared marked as switchable 
> to
> 80 tracks, there are diskettes clearly marked as being 80 tracks. Heck,
> there are even disk controllers with a 40/80 tracks switch (?). I tried
> those but that did not work either.
> I am quite sure there was some trick applied when he backed up the 
> diskettes
> two at a time, but I would not know what. As suggested, I will try looking
> through the stuff to see if there was any hardware or software involved. I
> will also think about all the interesting suggestions you guys made so 
> far.
> Most of the diskettes are RSDOS BTW.
> /Fedor 

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