Bill Barnes da3m0n_slay3r at yahoo.com
Fri May 22 00:08:46 EDT 2009


People were cryin' to have this done, now they're cryin' because they don't like the size of the file, or the output of the file is illegible.

NOW... DO WE HAVE AN EXPERT among us to do the conversion???? Will said expert do this work for free or cheaply????

Are we not happy unless there's something to complain about people??? Is it any wonder we lose people on this list when better than half the time every few months we fill the list with flames or whining about what's the better format to use; this one's too big, that one is so small it can't be read, or My gadget will destroy your gadget on the market.  Are we adults here or are we just a bunch of spoiled rotten 2 year olds??? What's it going to take, the list to dwindle down to just those complainers???

I understand the concerns about how much real estate is being taken up, the time it takes to download those files, and the need for having one consistant format with enough detail to keep things looking good and readable, but yet small as feasably possible.

Let's get a calm, working solution. Meanwhile the largest resolution scans made can be adjusted later for the smaller packaging. I appreciate all the hard work put in on the scans. Let's not say "Thanks for your hard work without compensation, but this is just unnacceptable, you did it for nothing {optional colorful metaphor inserted here}."


--- On Thu, 5/21/09, {Removed because not relevant} wrote:

>A full-length movie in DivX format can be stored in 650mb.  650mb for a PDF is completely unacceptable for me.  Delete.

>A graphics expert needs to be the one converting these copies of Rainbow and other magazines. I see no reason why 64 or even 32 dithered colors isn't enough to render these pages down.  I've done it and it looks great.  First convert to 128 or 256 colors, no dithering, repair the coffee stains, specs, blemishes, etc., dither down.


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