[Coco] [Color Computer] Trade

Karl Sefcik cdiman7 at flash.net
Thu Jun 4 17:04:43 EDT 2009


   You guessed correctly that the MC-10 does hook up to a tv, and it has 
color (artifac) too, I think. I had one years ago, don't anymore. I even 
found a way to make a word processor (it doesn't come with one, or one 
available. But if you get one, you can print letters, etc, if you use 
ASCII line commands and the text to be printed in " ". I printed up a 
resume, using a DMP 105 (back then) this way, just took a little 
experimenting, and I think one of the MC10 books gave the ASCII 
positioning scheme. It was a lot of fun too,lol.
   Good luck.

vacuumboy1 wrote:
> Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would like to trade an exellent condition COCO III for an MC-10 computer? Does it even hook up to a TV? Please reply back if you would like to trade me for one.
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