[Coco] Tandy Service Manual - Color Computer 3

Jim Cox nutz4coco at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 04:04:17 EDT 2009

I decided to scan the one copy of the Tandy Service Manual for the Color
Computer 3 that I was giving away, and I now have a nice looking .pdf file
of about 56M.

The scan rate was 300 dpi, and I am thinking of scanning again at 600 dpi.
I haven't done much with this scanner, so I am wondering if those scanning
gurus out there may have an opinion in the matter.

I did notice that some of the pictures in the manual that were taken of
traces on an oscilliscope didn't have as much detail.  I may run some test
scans to see if there is a difference.

Is there a place I can upload this file, so that others can get a copy of
the manual?

Jim Cox

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