[Coco] Telnet and DW

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Thu Dec 31 12:01:12 EST 2009

YAY!! all works good now!! (Updated both NitrOS9 and DW Server again this morning).

	The reason for the logger error was lack of NULL termination. The name was 
more than 32 characters ("NitrOS-9 Level 2 DriveWire Server"), so it was 
truncated at 32 and the 32nd got it's high bit set. No room for a NULL 
terminator. I manually fixed that (set high bit of char 31 and added a NULL) 
and it is fine.

	Thanks for the NitrOS9 changes. Compiles and runs just fine! (Except for Name 
problem above and I think that's Aarons problem.)

BTW: the OSX Java works fine on Linux if you copy librxtxSerial.so where java 
can find it. (In my case its the current dir 
/work/drivewireserver/java/build/osx/ or 


Christopher R. Hawks
I develop for Linux for a living, I used to develop for DOS. Going from
DOS to Linux is like trading a glider for an F117.
	-- Lawrence Foard

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