[Coco] Play with NitrOS-9 over the Internet

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at tee-boy.com
Mon Dec 28 09:08:34 EST 2009

Just a quick update to let everyone know where we are...

Aaron and I are both making changes to the Java server and driver to accommodate some new features and make things run a little more optimally.  This process will continue, so you may find the CoCo down when telneting... just keep trying.

Now when you telnet to port 6809 of aes.dyndns.org, you are presented with a MOTD banner that tells you a little about the system, along with the touch message that I would like everyone to try.

Those who have logged in and touched your name have been doing so on the main system disk.  Unfortunately, I blow that away each time I make a change to the driver, so everyone's name keeps disappearing.  Instead, I've set up a scratch disk on /x1, and would encourage everyone to log in again at some point and do:

	touch /x1/firstname.lastname

This way the touch will remain on the scratch disk and won't be on the main system disk which keeps getting regenerated.  Also, the main system disk is now write protected by the Java server so no changes can be made to it anyway.

Jim Hathaway is still working on the web-based front end to the Java server.  He can comment on exactly where he is in that process...

Finally, this morning Aaron and I tried out his new IRC chat client running under NitrOS-9.  I'll let him talk more about it, but he and I were both able to set up an IRC chat from my CoCo, and I even participated by going to a web-based IRC client.
Boisy G. Pitre

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