[Coco] OT: Atari ST Firmware (Was: Re: DriveWire printing options )

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sat Dec 26 13:04:01 EST 2009

On Saturday 26 December 2009, Joel Ewy wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Saturday 26 December 2009, Joel Ewy wrote:
>>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> On Friday 25 December 2009, Joel Ewy wrote:
>>>>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>> ...So the only M$ authored software here is
>>>>>> whatever may be in the roms of my coco's (several) or, slim chance at
>>>>>> best, in the roms of an atari ST I fumbled into possession of at a
>>>>>> cocofest (one of Ron's up in PA) quite a few years ago.
>>>>> I believe that the Atari ROMs were done by Digital Research.  So the
>>>>> Atari's TOS is inspired by Digital Research's clone (DR-DOS) of
>>>>> Microsoft's workalike (MS-DOS) of Digital Research's CP/M.  Or
>>>>> something like that.
>>>> I was under the impression that Jack Tramiel(sp?) wrote that dos cuz
>>>> they called it Tramieldos or something similar.
>>> That may be.  I'm almost certain DR did the GEM GUI, but maybe Atari
>>> wrote the rest...  I know that the floppy disk format is very similar to
>>> a DOS FAT.
>>> JCE
>> I wasn't aware of that, never having gotten the one I got at the cocofest
>> out of the box as the crt in the 12 or 13" monitor took longer to warm up
>> than it got at the fest.
>> Does anyone know what sort of monitor it needs?  If NTSC, I still have a
>> 17" with composite inputs.  vga or better, I have a 22" samsung tv that
>> looks very nice when driven by an old liinux box with a quite old nvidia
>> tnt card in it.
>The Internet says they want RGB monitors at NTSC sync rates, so whatever
>you are using with a CoCo 3 or an Amiga should work with the proper cable.
>I've always wanted to play with an ST, but though I've acquired an
>unmanageably large collection of antique computers, somehow the Atari
>stuff has not fallen into my hands.  OS-9 disk images can be found.  I
>tried them out on one of the emulators once, and they got tantalizingly
>close to booting before locking up.
Pay the packing & freight?  Must be 100+ pounds as there are lots of docs & 
magazines, other accessories, a small 5.25" hard drive, a good 6 cu foot of 
stuff without decent packing.

Or send me the disk images, that would maybe be the round tuit that would 
make me clear off a piece of the pool table & see if I could make it work 
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