[Coco] DriveWire printing options

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Fri Dec 25 03:59:16 EST 2009

Well, if you ask, I assume most CoCo Apps would natively support a 
9-needle printer like the Epson FX85. Would be nice to be able to create 
  a PDF (or any other Bitmap format, e.g. a G4 TIFF) output file from 
what's send to the CoCo's bit banger port. Emulation would be a little 
bit more tricky because we did a lot of strange things especially to 
print graphics with improved results: Single, double and multi strike, 
micro shifts, density and directionality changes and so on. Would be 
nice to emulate all these impacts on the actuall print e.g. with grey 
scales. I remember an application which was able to display and print 
Mac-format pictures, and I had written an improved printer driver 
section supporting all the gimmicks of the FX-85+. to allow high quality 
at least quad density prints...

OK, just dreaming, Merry X-mas to everybody out there!

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