[Coco] Your stock CoCo is DriveWire-ready out-of-the-box (was: DriveWire for dummies?)

Christian Lesage hyperfrog at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 09:32:19 EST 2009

Jeremy Michea wrote:
> Could the cassette cable be used for this or must it be the actual 
> drivewire cable?
No. You're missing the point. I was explaining how HDB-DOS for DriveWire 
could be downloaded into the CoCo's RAM. If you want to use DriveWire, 
you *will* need a serial cable, so why not use in the first place to 
load HDB-DOS?

If all you have is a cassette-recorder cable and are not willing to 
invest $10 into a serial cable ($3 if you build it), then your only 
option is to use some cassette-recorder simulating software... which I 
never bothered to mess with.

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