[Coco] A bug in Basic09/RunB

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Dec 8 00:35:22 EST 2009

On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Wayne Campbell wrote:
>I understand. In most languages I have looked at this is true. I am merely
>testing the limits of what appeared to be a possibility, given that I can
>pass a 32-byte array to a 32-character string, or vice-versa, and it works
>just fine. No type checking. I thought, if this is true, then I should be
>able to pass 3 parameters, the sum of whose lengths equal the size of the
>expected variable. I guess the former is relegated to individual
> parameters, and not the list as a whole.
>I am still thinking that the field passing issue needs to be looked into. I
>don't think there is any reason why I can't pass a field reference more
> than 1 field deep. From what I've seen in my tests, it's as though the
> pointer in the parameter list is pointing to the first field instead of
> the second. I wish I understood more of what is going on there. I may be
> totally off in my thinking, just because I don't understand what's going
> on at the object code level.
Basic09 is a 'base 0' language.  There are some, but I avoid them like h1n1, 
that are 'base 1' because once you are into that mindset where 0 is a valid 
number, a base 1 system seems irrevocably broken.


Cheers, Gene
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