[Coco] OT: Help with horrible bad NAS purchase, Linux EXT3 file system blindly used.

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sun Dec 6 20:34:59 EST 2009


Thanks to all that have commented. You all sound more informed than the
people on the Seagate forum.

From: "Aaron Wolfe"
> If you're willing to take the thing apart, you should be able to plug
> the drives directly into a computer and use standard diagnostic tools.

With the next failure, which I hope will not occur, I want to do this. I
have already taken it apart, removed one drive and sent it to Mexico for

I have located a data / power cable combination at CyberGuys:

I have SpeedFan installed on two of my computers, it should allow me to read
the S.M.A.R.T. counters. I am worried about doing this as the MCA is in
constant contact with Seagate via the Internet.

> just because it uses an EXT3 filesystem does not mean that it is actually
> running Linux.

My Bad conclusion, I did not read any message that it is running Linux, just
that Linux EXT3 was the file system.

From: "Bruce W. Calkins"
> Not that I can offer any help, but I had a Netgear NAS that I just gave up
> on.
> At this time I am sour on NAS.

Same here. What is happening is that 1TB drives are at the bleeding edge of
the state of the art. They are being designed for a temperature and humidy
controlled usage.

Forty Three (43) years ago I unknowing tried to destroy a Super Computer.
The room was getting warm so I looked at the operating manual. It said,
Yellow lights OK, RED lights get ready to turn it off. In reality the
computer should have been turned off before any lights came on!

I did more damage than large bomb that blew away the lower part of the
building. The computer was fine as it was in crates ready to be shipped to
another location.

Putting two 1TB drives in a tight enclosure with a one inch (1") fan just
will not work at home where the room temperatures may vary from ~ 60 F like
last night to 82 F next Spring.

I have a fan blowing on the side of the MCA and as soon as I can build a 120
mm USB powered fan it will be in use.
To Gene, you said good things. If another failure occurs soon, back to
Mexico it goes.

I added 66 GB this afternoon with no problems, 448 GB total now.


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