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Sat Oct 25 02:08:07 EDT 2008

From: Chuck Youse <cyouse at serialtechnologies.com>

 Funny how Boisy, King of NitrOS-9 Hill, only seems to pipe
> up to turn on that Cajun charm and call for my ejection from the list
> (Jesus would have done the same, I'm sure), or defend one of his
> wares.  

Funny, I've been around this list since near the beginning, and I've never seen Boise call for anybody's ejection.  Several times, he's retreated into the ozone to get away from bullshit like yours.  In the last six, seven years I think he's been regular maybe 30% of the time, due to other responsibilities such as school and actually producing product, and he's done fantastic at both.

> I was just beginning to inventory my Coco crap to either off-load on
> e-bay or chuck (I'm proud that my nickname is a common slang term, I
> think only guys named Richard really have me beat on that one).  I've
> got tons of Coco crap in my lab and in my tiny midtown apartment - just

Midtown in what city? -- if it's Manhattan (the only place on the planet where "Midtown" actually has meaning), I'll come collect it at the curb and bring it over to Jersey.  Just tell me the day.

> seems that the Coco has become a gigantic waste of space and time, and
> the remnants of the Coco community just aren't all that dynamic any
> more.  There remains much interesting work that can be done with our
> 8-bit buddy, especially on the NitrOS-9 side in terms of consolidation,
> clean-up, and even "Coco 4" type development, just for pure hack value.
> But sadly there is only a very small audience for such things.  The
> greatest base seems to be people playing games in emulators, which is
> unfortunate.
> Anyway, Hail Satan, kill the babies, get your gay on, etc. etc.

I think somebody got pissed off somewhere, but I can't follow the threads well enough to figure it out.  Further effort is not worth my time.  Goodbye, Charles.  (I hope I can call you Charles -- I hate nicknames and diminutives of real names).  The rest of us will just hack on (except Dennis -- but he did more hacking per month for pushing a decade than most of us can think of in a lifetime and he just wants to do music now -- damned good music in my arrogant opinion, I've seen it performed).  (The only bigger hacker I can think of than Dennis would be Steve Ciarcia, but they fed off each others' ideas with profit to everybody back in the day).
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