[Coco] Disto original diskettes imaged

Benoit Bleau benbleau at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 13:16:45 EDT 2008

tonym wrote:
> After receiving the Disto SCII from Sean, I have imaged the 3 disks that were included:
> 1) RTime ECB diskette (SET.BAS)
> 2) RTime OS9 Level 2 Disk
> 3) SC II OS9 Level 2 Disk
> Let me know if I need to upload it somewhere.
> Does maltedmedia have an upload folder?
Nice, I too have a SCII controller, but no disks. 
I think that you can ftp to ftp.maltedmedia.com in the /incoming 
directory, and let Denis know about your transfers.

Anyone has the utilities (os-9 and rs-dos)  that came with the 2meg 
board?  I'm missing these as well.


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