[Coco] behavior on list (was Linux RBF filesystem support)

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Tue Oct 28 10:06:52 EDT 2008

Can I agree with both of you? I hesitated to post a reply to this because contributing to the thread only lengthens it, but I think I can say something that will help...

Chuck already admitted part of the problem... he thinks very differently from others. That's apparently both a blessing and a curse, it seems to me. "Different" thinkers often come up with solutions that others over look, but in some cases have problems relating well with others... and others have problems relating well with them. I can understand some of Chuck's views completely, and they aren't without merit, but bluntly speaking out isn't the best way to convey them. 

The very best way for all of us to co-exist on this list is to STAY ON TOPIC and not wander off so far. I don't care about Chuck's political/religious/etc. views. He has the right to have them, and to voice them... in an appropriate arena. The CoCo-List was set up SPECIFICALLY to discuss CoCo related topics. Linux and other computer and electronic related topics are sometimes a little off-key, but tolerable IMHO -- politics and such aren't. 

I can fault Chuck for responding to such input, but no more than all the rest of you -- in some cases myself as well. The only way such a thread can continue is for people to continue responding. If Chuck or anyone else says something you don't like, the quickest way to shut that thread up is to NOT respond. Instead, we "take the bait" (though I don't think Chuck was intentionally baiting someone -- he has the knack to give his blunt opinion if questioned the least little bit about it, so someone may have been baiting him, though I don't know for sure, haven't read many of those messages and don't intend to). 

When Chuck posts questions and solutions to programming and hardware issues, they are pretty thorough and detailed. He seems to take criticism and back off when proven wrong, even though he comes on a little strong when saying he thinks something is flawed. For the CoCo, losing him on the list would be a loss, despite his sometimes non-mainstream views on other subjects. I bet if we all posted our views on politics and other topics (PLEASE DON'T!!), we might find that only a very few of us would be willing to associate with each other. Freedom of speach doesn't apply to ALL forums -- this one was set up with ONE topic in mind, and everything else should go somewhere else. It's not censorship -- you KNEW what the topic was when you signed up. 

So I say try to ignore those posts that aren't on topic and let them die off! I moderate a list, and know that ANY list can get volatile if not "policed" somewhat. But the best list environment is when the users police themselves by not sustaining "bad" threads. 

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:10:08 -0300
From: "James Dessart" <skwirl42 at gmail.com>

On 10/27/08, Frank Pittel <fwp at deepthought.com> wrote:
>  What I find amazing is that you haven't figured out why people don't want to
>  help you with your questions or problems.

It seems to me that the CoCo community is too small to shun competent
contributors because of their socio-political views, or their surly

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