[Coco] CoCo Deep Vision Glasses

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sun Jun 15 18:41:21 EDT 2008

At 12:48 PM 6/15/2008, you wrote:
>On Jun 15, 2008, at 12:38 PM, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>>You can get 3 pairs for "free" for $2 here:
>There are variations of anaglyph 3-D.  There is the "red/blue" and
>"red/cyan" (which is a lighter blue). I'm not sure which ones Warp
>Fighter 3-D was designed to work with.
>I've done quite a bit of 3-D home video ( http://3d.disneyfans.com )
>and have used both types, but I don't know if I ever tried that game
>with actual 3-D glasses.

Cool page, Allen.  I had no idea you did that kind of stuff.  Did 
anyone else?  I haven't seen any places on the web featuring 3-D 
videos like that.

The absolute best 3-D movies I've ever witnessed were at 6-Flags in 
Arlington, TX... years ago there was a fighter jet sim in the theatra 
with moving seats.  The glasses were polarized with clear 
lenses.  You were brought into the screen it was so real.  Then last 
year I took the kids back there only to find they replaced the ride 
with Sponge Bob, same moving seats, same huge screen... which was 
actually even better 3-D since it was computer generated.  We ended 
up going back 3 more times just to experience it again.  The screen 
came right out to your face and the depth was real, and when objects 
came way out, they touched your nose.  :)  Then at the end a pickle 
explodes and everybody gets sprayed with water.

Now, what about simulated 3-D without glasses?  Sure!  I wrote a 
graphics animation for the PC using DarkBASIC Professional that 
features a HQ image of a software box spinning and rotating above the 
grand canynon, coming towards the camera then back out 
continuously.  You hear wind blowing that gets louder when the box is 
closest to you, and the background blurs more as the box is closest 
to you, while the box stays the same.  I'll try to post it on my web 
site somewhere for anyone to download!

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