[Coco] Glenside coco Club

John T Chasteen johnchasteen.2 at juno.com
Fri Jun 13 19:26:47 EDT 2008

Good Afternoon Coco Friends

What a great time I had at the coco club meeting last night.
I brought my coco3, MPI, SuperIDE and the CF Adapter.
The monitor and NitrOS-9 expertise was provided by VP
Chris Hawks. His "S Video " really works great.

Thanks Chris for adding the 5 volt regulated supply mod.
to my coco3. Since I forgot to bring the home made connecting
cable, I had to use Chris's CF Adapter and his external power

When I connected every thing at home today. I got a big
scare. I got an error message so I went to the maintenance mode.
The 5 volt was available at the CF Adapter. Reading the Doc
that came with the Cloud-9 CF Adapter. This is when I learned
that I had to remove the option jumper. Things don't work when 
you have two "Master" CF units. Now I have 512 Meg (almost)
CF memory for NitrOS9 and HDB-DOS files.

I tried to take notes When Chris showed me how to make a backup
of my Cloud9 CF configured CF. So now I've got a working system
to start getting serious learning NitrOS9.

Thanks to all for coming to my rescue over the years.

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