[Coco] Need assembly guru (I _thought_ I was half of one)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Jun 9 18:36:30 EDT 2008

Greetings all;

I'm trying to get the mouse and hardware that worked 15 years ago to work again, 
but under the new nitros9-3.2.8 regime.

I don't know if I have bad hardware (the extra acia for the mouse in my deluxe 
rs-232 pack)  or what.  But the symptoms from a software view are that bit d3 
in the status register is stuck high, as is probably the IRQ flag but I haven't 
double checked that as its moot in trying to get the chip setup to receive only 
from a Logitek "DexXa' 3 button mouse.

When power to the mouse is cycled by resetting the acia, then re-enabling it, 
the mouse spits out its ID bytes, and in fact this one lies about it, claiming 
to be a 3 button M$ mouse, but there is a protocol difference.  The M$ mouse 
sends an empty packet for a middle button down event, the logitek sends a 4th 
byte with a single active bit to indicate the button down and button up events 
only for the center button.  And only sends it for the center button.  However, 
that is a down the road problem to solve once I get the mouse handshaking 

Here is a snippet of the code:

ClrACIA  ldx   M$Mem,pcr  get base hardware address again
         std   CmdReg,x  full hdwe reset
* loads $0918, $09 to CmdReg=tx irq dis, no par, tx low
* $18 to CtrlReg= 1200 baud 1 stop
         ldd   #(TIC.RTS!Cmd.DTR)*256+(DB.8!Ctl.RClk!BR.01200) 
* [D]=command:control
         std   CmdReg,x   set command and control registers
* do 80 instant reads for trash collection
* and clear status of Stat.RxF bits
         ldb   #$50
flshinit lda   DataReg,x throw it away
         lda   StatReg,x throw it away
         bne   flshinit
* that kills most of the 14 milliseconds
* to the mouses first response byte
* now, lets see what mouse we have
         pshs  y
         ldy   #$00D0 set dly to fail
NxtByte  leay  -1,y  start cntr
         beq   NxtBExit was InitErr, do 208 times, let it fail
* more time delay
         lda   #$00
NxtDly   deca
         bne   NxtDly
* is something screwing with x?
* shouldn't need this, probably not needed
         ldx   M$Mem,pcr reload x
         lda   StatReg,x  RxF,ovfl,fram,par
         anda  Pkt.Mask,pcr narrow to lower nibble
* then check for rx buff full
         tsta  Stat.RxF  set z flag if d3=0
         beq   NxtByte z flag set, try again
* show status as arrive here
         pshs  a,b,x,u,y,cc,dp
         adda  #'0 make lower nibble printable
         jsr   <D.BtBug prints char in reg a on boot screen
         puls  a,b,x,u,y,cc,dp
* got a data byte, get, show
         lda   DataReg,x get ID byte
         pshs  a,b,x,u,y,cc,dp
         jsr   <D.BtBug what was it?
         puls  a,b,x,u,y,cc,dp
         bra   NxtByte  there may be 2

* temp stopper so I can read screen
NxtBExit puls  y fix stack
* show we're here
         lda   #'S
         jsr   <D.BtBug show the S so I know its here
letmesee bra letmesee
This outputs 8,_,8,M,8,3, and the final S to the boot screen.

The 8's are the status register, saying that the rx buffer is full and I should 
read the data, and the rest "_M3" is from the RxData of the 6551.

This almost looks good, but whats the '_'?  As I can see on my scope, the mouse 
is only sending 2 bytes unless the chip is reading the powerup transient too 
fast, & its already been read more than 80 times at the point I start showing 
data.  But, the data can be read from the chip in a repeat stream until 
overwritten by the next byte from the mouse.  The point here is that even after 
80 reads, that status byte still says there is data to be read.  It is supposed 
to be reset by the read, and apparently is not.  Or is my code funkity?  Blast 
away at it folks. :)

I would like to use the "M3" as a validator that the right mouse is hooked up, 
but this one looks like it is lying, as that should ID a 3 byte packet M$ 

Ideas anybody?

Cheers, Gene
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