[Coco] PBJ PC PAK - Part II - Interfacing (source for driver)

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 31 21:25:55 EST 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:

> If one knows the hardware at the register level, it does seem like it would be 
> better done in assembly to me just because it is going to be less wastefull 
> of the coco's limited resources.

Given the nature of what has to be achieved, I agree that sector-level I/O 
routines would be best done in assembler and writing them in C would offer 
little benefit in the way of reduced development time.

If one then wishes to layer a filesystem over that, then I'd venture that C 
would be the way to go there.

> I relate that not to blow my horn, 

Having your software run for 15 years and out-perform a $20K commercial 
offering in the process is pretty impressive from any standpoint. I 
certainly can't claim the same... _yet_, anyway... ;)

I know at least 1 hospital down under was still using an Apple II based 
system a few years ago, though I can't recall the application, nor do I know 
if it was a "commercial" solution or something rigged up by a local techie...


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