[Coco] Jeweled board game progress

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Wed Jan 30 21:33:47 EST 2008

At 03:43 PM 1/30/2008, you wrote:
>Looking good!

And today I sped up the sprite routines again, gaining thousands of 
CPU cycles over an entire 65-sprite erase/replot procedure.

If I *really* wanted to impress even myself, I'd just code each 
sprite as opcodes.  That is, I'd "poke" 2-color bytes to the 
screen.  For example: for a 16x16 sprite that represents a triangle, 
for row 0 I'd only poke 1 byte near the center point, then for row 2 
I'd poke 3 bytes centered, and expand it out every 2 rows until a 
triangle forms.  etc.  The sprite resolution would be less than if 
you masked out single pixels using the preferred current method, but 
the speed increase would be similar to the Xenix game.  I don't need 
that with a board game.  If I decide to create a game that'll make ya 
go, "Whoa!!" I'll use the direct byte method.

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