[Coco] [coco] moving files on bootup

George Ramsower georgeramsower at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 00:39:05 EST 2008

 As soon as I sent the message, I realized I could use Dsave. However, I was 
looking to find something more elegant.
 I'm using OS9 L2 with patches, Shell + v2.2.  Not Nitr0S-9

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From: "Robert Gault"
> George Ramsower wrote:
>> My currrent project will require that I move files from the floppy 
>> drive(boot drive) to the ram disk in OS-9 upon boot up.
>> These files can be changing from session to session. Therefore, they will 
>> change. I intend to save them during the session, but when I re-boot.. 
>> well...
>> Is there a utility that can do this?
>> George
> You could put a line in the startup file that either dsaves a directory to 
> ram disk or wild-card copies a directory to ram disk.
> Are you using the original Level2 or NitrOS-9?

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