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I found another one...

Coco2 (PAL) 26-3134A S/n 2002201

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>I received an old Coco 1, model 26-3001 from an eBay offer today, with a 
>serial number of 000690.  I know there have been discussions on this list 
>before about serial numbers.  Even though 000690 is not too low, it did 
>bring up a question I've wondered about.
> Did Tandy reset the Coco serial number with every new model, or did they 
> change model numbers and keep increasing the serial number from where they 
> left off?  Do all Coco 1's have the same serial number sequence, the Coco 
> 2's have their own, and the Coco 3's have their own?  The Coco 1's 
> basically went from model 26-3001 to 26-3004 and maybe 26-3017.  The Coco 
> 2's included 26-3026, 26-3027, 26-3127, 26-3134 to 26-3138.  The Coco 3's 
> had only one model number I'm aware of, 26-3334.  How did Tandy number 
> these different machines?
> What is the smallest serial number we have in this group for the various 
> models?
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