[Coco] Stupid Cassette Port Tricks,

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 29 18:46:33 EST 2008

Joel Ewy wrote:

> That's a pretty cool use for the cassette port, Mike.  I'm sure others
> have done, or at least thought of this before, but how well would it
> work (aside from being slow) to csave/cload between two CoCos using a
> null-cassette cable?  

I've CSAVED successfully from a coco emulator running on a PC to a real Coco 
3 with a "null-cassette" cable. Ditto for playing a .WAV file recorded from 
the coco emulator with winamp etc across the same cable.

I plan to use this method to develop my coco-flash software, since the 
cartridge precludes having a floppy disk in the coco itself. The original 
plan was to use portal-09 to assemble a binary, and then fire up an 
emulator, load it from disk, then "save" it across the wire. However, 
reading Tim's post in this thread I see that using his utils to create a WAV 
directly from the disk file would be a much more convenient way to go...


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