[Coco] Copy with wildcards

William Schaub wschaub at steubentech.com
Sat Jan 26 21:11:36 EST 2008

Diego Barizo wrote:
> I'm trying to copy a few files from one directory to another in the 
> same disk
> I'm using
> :copy /dd/CMDS/g* /dd/MV
> But keep getting
> copy: must specify output directory if more than 2 files
> The directory MV already exists, and I've tried the command from /dd 
> /dd/CMDS and /dd/MV , using full and partial paths, always with the 
> same results.
> Any help?
> Thanks,
> Diego
Just a guess but what if you do copy /dd/CMDS/g* /dd/MV/ instead?
it might want to see the extra / on the end so that it knows the target 
is a directory.

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