[Coco] Opening and cleaning an FD-501 controller.

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There should be a screw under the label. Once removed the two halves of the 
case separate easily.

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> Darren A. wrote:
>>> I have an FD-501 controller that has been sitting in a garage for a 
>>> couple of years, upon taking a close look at it it looks like its a bit 
>>> dirty, I would like to open it up and clean it off before trying to use 
>>> it.  I do also have a J&M controller but its still in St. Louis so that 
>>> wont do me much good.  any tips for safely opening the cart and cleaning 
>>> off the crud without damaging the unit would be quite helpful.
>> --
>> Typically, all you need to do is gently rub the contacts with a clean 
>> pencil eraser. The FD-501 has gold contacts, so they shouldn't have very 
>> much crud on them. I doubt it would be necessary, but  using a can of 
>> compressed air to blow away any accumulated dust is also an option.
>> Be sure to discharge any static electriciy on your body before handling 
>> the controller board.
>> Darren
> Canned air is fine. however how do I get teh card out of the plastic shell 
> without breaking the shell?, also it looks like something may have dripped 
> inside of it through one of the vents...
> at least as far as i can see from the outside anyway.
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