[Coco] calling all MM/1 owners

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Fri Jan 25 15:18:27 EST 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Look at the data line, powered up, with a voltmeter, and do whatever it takes 
> to get any resting line above 2.8 volts.  3 is ideal, but by the time you've 
> lost .65 volts in the isolation diode between the 5 volt line and the top of 
> the resistor packs, 3 can't be done.  This isolation diode can be shorted 
> out, which will help considerably IF you can guarantee that there will never 
> be a self powered drive cabinet attached to the external scsi connector on 
> the back of the card if it has one.  Its there to keep an external supply 

	Could you replace the diode with a Schottky version? Don't they have a 
lower voltage drop?


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