[Coco] "Reading" non-readable bytes with PEEK vs ZBUG

Darren A. darccml at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 01:56:13 EST 2008


> That's why I did the public test request for MMU PEEK to see what's 
> happening.  If I could get 1,000+ confirmations instead of 20 or 30, 
> I'd be more happy, but so far the odds of these people being spread 
> around the U.S. and globe with not-identical CoCo 3's, I'm a lot more 
> than 0% convinced that a 128k/512k CoCo 3 reads back a "01".  I agree 
> that this is not a full guarantee, though.

Remember, the value read has been shown to be dependant on the sequence of instructions executed. Asking people to do a PEEK test may not mean much. Everyone has the same ROM for the PEEK implementation, but the same cannot be said for LOADM.


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