[Coco] MM/1 Wiki

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Thu Jan 24 22:49:09 EST 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 24 January 2008, Bob Devries wrote:
>> Hi John, you mentioned:
>>> It had 2 SCSI drives, 2 floppies, and a SCSI CDROM.
>> I don't remember ever seeing drivers for the CDROM. Were they commercial? I
>> have access to a number of old Apple Macs which have SCSI CDROM drives, and
>> could probably purloin one for the MM/1.
>> I once saw a mention of a program called Desktop for the MM/1... some kind
>> of GUI, I think. Does anyone know about this?
KWindows is the window system, like WindInt on the CoCo.  It was
included with the MM/1.  The Desktop program would have been the
equivalent of CoCo's GShell.  This was a 3rd party product, and may have
been sold by Sub Etha.  Is Allen Huffman still lurking on this list? 
Care to confirm or deny?  I got the old skel.c program from the CoCo to
compile on the MM/1 -- it may have been pre-ported and posted on Delphi,
but I don't think it needed too many modifications to work in KWindows.

> I think that was K-Windows or something like that Bob, but while it was talked 
> about, I have NDI if it ever actually happened.  Maybe someone else can add 
> something here?

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