[Coco] Trimming NOS-9

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 20:11:41 EST 2008

Hi Diego,

that list of commands can certainly be dispensed with, or at least moved to 
another disk in another drive if you have a two-drive system.

Possible exceptions that I have found useful are edit and dump, for editing 
scripts and viewing binary files respectively.

I would doubt that reboot would close any open files. How would it know 
which files are open? Still, it's a question the NitrOS9 team is better 
equipped to answer.

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> I'm thinking about removing some files from my NOS-9 disk (40 tracks) to 
> make room for some extra stuff, like Basic09, a "real" text editor, and 
> maybe something else.
> I was looking at the files in the CMDS directory, and made a list of the 
> ones that seem safe to remove.
> Since I won't be doing any kind of development except in Basic09, I think 
> I can get rid of :
> Binex
> CPUType
> Debug
> Devs
> Disasm
> Dump
> Edit
> Exbin
> Irqs
> login
> Megaread
> Mpi
> Padrom
> Smap
> Touch
> Is any of this required for a standard 1 user system? Required by some 
> external program (Dynacalc, Multivue, etc)?
> Anything else I could safely delete?
> I was thinking about reboot...
> Since we are talking multitasking, one should be sure that there are no 
> files open in some window before shutting down. Does reboot do that?
> Diego
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