[Coco] Recovering Fast Cassette Saves

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Mon Jan 21 21:20:34 EST 2008

Roger Taylor wrote:
> You can save and load tapes in 2mhz mode if the device would allow for 
> it.  I used to use a Sony MD Walkman (minidisc recorder) and it worked 
> fine.  I've never seen a tape deck able to do this.  Maybe it's the 
> audio tapes themselves, but I remember using a VCR in SP mode a Long 
> time ago and it worked.

	Could you clarify what you mean by "tape deck"? I used an old Akai 
stereo cassette deck with no problems on my deuce at real (i.e. not that 
hybrid thing) 2 MHz speed. I did initially have some problems when 
trying to feed the mic inputs. But when I switched to feeding the line 
in inputs it worked flawlessly. For obvious reasons, skipf does not work 
at 2 MHz on a deuce.


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