[Coco] Recovering Fast Cassette Saves

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 20 09:28:30 EST 2008

Rogelio Perea wrote:

> Was browsing the December 1985 issue of The Rainbow and came across a 'hint'
> from a Ryan Devlin (Louisville KY). According to his note, the following
> string of commands would allow a Basic program to be loaded back into the
> CoCo *after* the program had been saved to tape with the CoCo in high-speed
> mode:
> POKE 143,8:POKE 149,24:POKE 145,4:CLOAD
> The days when I relied with cassettes to do my CoCoing are long gone, but
> during those times I did save a couple of programs forgetting to kick back
> the CoCo into its normal speed. I took those files as 'lost' saves, trying
> to retrieve the file keeping the CoCo sped up proved unreliable.
> Just curious at what the line above does. Is it altering a timing loop?.
> -=[ Rogelio ]=-

Those are the bytes that contain the 1200/2400Hz partition time, upper 
limit of 1200Hz, and upper limit of 2400Hz.

Seems to me it would be much easier to just read the tapes in Fast mode, 
but maybe that doesn't work.

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