[Coco] PC World's 10 Worst PC Keyboards

Ries, Rich (S&FS) Rich.Ries at Honeywell.com
Fri Jan 11 08:32:35 EST 2008

Some of those keyboards looked ingenious (though I wouldn't want to use
them!), but remember the driving force was (and is) P-R-I-C-E.

My first computer was a TS-1000, and I think I spent more time trying to
find a function key than I would have in typing the word. (FWIW, a BASIC
was developed for the Timex to allow the user to type in the keywords.)

On the "bright" side, all those poor designs led to a number of cottage
industries to improve the 'puters, and all that fiddling we did gave us
a love for the machines that the modern crop just can't meet.


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