[Coco] I'm grilling in January in shorts and no shirt.....

Alex Evans alxevans at concentric.net
Tue Jan 8 21:38:06 EST 2008

On  8  Jan 2008, at 3:13 PM, Roger Taylor wrote:

> At 04:48 PM 1/8/2008, you wrote:
>> Not that it's a pretty sight....
>> It is theoretically supposed to be winter in this hemisphere, even  
>> in Virginia, however experimental evidence seems to indicate  
>> otherwise...
>> I was wondering if anyone had ever worked with pulse encoders --  
>> like the kind pulse telephones use.  I'm working on finding new  
>> and unique ways to connect a coco to a model railroad...
>>                   - Aaron
> I also grilled a few things yesterday in shorts and a t-shirt (I'm  
> on vacation this week) then today a cold front blasted in here  
> within a few hours.  Dern it.  Winter again.

Here it is a slightly unseasonably cool 74.  Same hemisphere, but a  
lot farther south.

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