[Coco] Adventure game project for the Coco

John Donaldson johnadonaldson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 7 21:49:31 EST 2008

Back in the late 70's and early 80's when I worked at the NASA/JSC 
center in Houston, TX, we had a SWCP 6809 OS9 Level II system. Since I 
had COCO OS9 experience, I got stuck with the system as the OS9 Expert. 
It came with Microwares FORTRAN 77. Only copy I ever saw. I took the box 
it came in to a COCO meeting and I remember everyone being amazed that 
it existed. BTW the local COCO club was mde up of NASA engineers and 
techs. Probley one of the more Hi-Tech clubs around.

John Donaldson

Bob Devries wrote:

> Hmm, interesting...
> Is there an explanation of Fortran programming available on the 'net? 
> I for one haven't a clue how to write (or read) Fortran code.
> I believe that Microware produced a OS-9/6809 Fortran compiler, but I 
> don't know of anyone who will admit to having it.
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>> Hello all,
>> Over the past few weeks, some people on this alias wanted to create some
>> adventure games.  As a place to get started, would anyone want to 
>> port the
>> original "Colossal Cave" to the coco?  The Fortran code is at
>> http://jerz.setonhill.edu/if/crowther/, and if you browse up from 
>> there you
>> can see all kinds of details on it.
>> Anyway, porting other code is sometimes easier than creating a 
>> project from
>> scratch.
>> Just a thought,
>> John Guin
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