[Coco] Rainbow IDE problem

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 4 19:53:18 EST 2008

Ghislain Harvey wrote:

> Well Briza wrote a little guide to how to restore it. On your archive, it is
> split in 7 dsk files. One is makz89.dsk and the other are z89pat1 to
> z89pat6. Those files contain patch that use The defender to restore the
> Makz89.dsk copy protected sector.
> My problem is that it freeze when it try to restore the makz89 on the real
> coco. My guess is that I don’t copy correctly the makz89.dsk file to a
> cocodisk.
> Any clue on what program you use?
> Ghislain Harvey

You will probably have to use the Kiel emulator.

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