[Coco] Ghana Bwana on my Coco3 not working but ok on Coco2

Steve Bjork 6809er at bjork-huffman.net
Fri Jan 4 14:31:34 EST 2008

There is a patch that I wrote a long time ago to make Ghana Bwana 
(and other games) work on a CoCo 3.  (But don't have a copy of it.)

Try these links for more info on the patch.

RICK: We have received many reponses to the question about "fixing" 
GHANA BWANA.  Most have either sent a copy of "NEWBOOT" or referenced 
us to DELPHI or THE RAINBOW.  Since the Rainbow article mentions 
Steve Bjork "granting permission" to reprint the patch, I feel it 
best to just refer you to that article via the following response by 
L E Padgett.
..Author Steve Bjork's "NEWBOOT" patch for early CoCo 1 and 2 games - 
use.  This patch is listed on DELPHI, and in RAINBOW, May '91, pg. 
74.  The one in RAINBOW has SYNTAX ERRORs in it.  A space is need 
after the colons in lines 150, and 220 through 250.

or http://www.vavasour.ca/cfdm/issue07.htm#article62


  In issue #6 of CFDM, H.J. Moenich asked about the error in GHANA 
BWANA. Actually, there is no error, the program will boot up and run 
fine on the CoCo 1 and 2 with 64K. It won't work with the CoCo 3 
unless it is patched. The problem is, it boots up similar to OS-9 
Level 1, version 1. The "*" program is the same program used to boot 
OS-9 on DISK BASIC 1.0 & 2.0 (it simulates the DOS command). The DOS 
command and the "*" program both read TRACK 34 into CoCo memory 
starting at Address &H2600 and EXEC's it at &H2602. The older 
versions of OS-9 and probably the GHANA BWANA loader, will not work 
on the CoCo 3 because the boot program block moves itself over the 
256 bytes at &HFE00 through &HFEFF, thereby trashing the interrupt 
vectors of the CoCo 3 and causing a system crash. STEVE BJORK, The 
author of GHANA  ==>

BWANA released a program some time ago on DELPHI which would patch 
the GHANA BWANA program & several of his other earlier programs to 
work on the CoCo 3. I Don't have this program, but I remember reading 
about it in an issue of the Rainbow several years ago, so I don't 
know if it will still be on DELPHI or not. If some of you friends 
have this PATCH, please submit it to CFDM as it is PUBLIC DOMAIN. I 
need it and I'm sure Mr. H.J. Moenich would also appreciate it. I 
have tried to patch the GHANA BWANA myself with only frustration to 
show for it. If any friends would like to try to patch it, here are 
the general guidelines to follow when patching games such as this and 
older OS-9 Level 1, Version 1 & 1.1 games. Read the boot sector from 
TRACK 34 of the disk into memory starting at &H2600 and disassemble 
it starting at &H2602. Look for a BLOCK MOVE ROUTINE within the first 
256 bytes, as well as a JUMP or BRANCH to the moved code. Lower the 
TARGET ADDRESS of the BLOCK MOVE by &H0100. Also, lower the JUMP or 
BRANCH by &H0100. Be careful when changing branches, they're relative 
to the current instruction position, not absolute. This is about all 
of the information that I have. I hope it is useful to some of you 
CoCo Friends.

Also, make sure you are running at normal speed and not the optional 
double speed mode of the CoCo 3.
If you have a "double speed" poke or some other high-speed thing 
turned on then the loader will not work.
Also, Ghana Bwana will try to use your Speech-Sound Pak and that too 
will not work at the optional double speed of the CoCo 3.

Steve (Zaxxon) Bjork

At 08:29 AM 1/3/2008, you wrote:

>HI everyone.
>While trying some old stuff I came through Ghana Bwana. I have one 
>problem with the game, it freeze at the loading screen. This freeze 
>happen on a real coco3 and on coco3 emulator. BUT it is working on 
>COCO2 emulator.
>I would like to know if there is a way to make it work for COCO3 
>because im 90% sure I was running it before on my coco3. Maybe some 
>poke to do before
>Thanks for your support
>Ghislain Harvey
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