[Coco] PBJ PC PAK - Part II - Interfacing

Dave R in Illinois lazyhand at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 31 15:17:54 EST 2008

I have a strange question related to the P.C Pak, but before I ask let me
provide more info on the situation first.


I own multiple vintage machines, some being AT/XTs and such. Almost every
machine has a parallel port, and all but 1 don't even have IDE controllers.
They are MFM/RLL based. So on these machines for transferring of files I use
an external 8x parallel port CD-rom. As stated in early posts, I own an
unfinished P.C Pak and recently received the info needed to finish it. Is it
possible to connect this device to the parallel port without a lot of
modification? As much as I want the IDE/CF pak from Cloud-9, I don't own a
multipak, and already have existing hardware that might work.


Any insight into this would be great. I know the interface emulates SCSI
through a printer port. Also known is the P.C Pak is bi-directional. The
interface is made by SHUTTLEtech / H45. It was used in many card readers,
especially Sony, among other devices, Like SyQuest's, external hard disks
and CD-roms, tape drives and think even a LS-120 drive! Seeing how an old
interface like this is easily obtainable for under 10 dollars, it just seems
like a great easy and frugal project.


Many Thanks


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