[Coco] Coco Digest, Vol 55, Issue 22

carl j england mrspock12 at juno.com
Sat Jan 12 10:44:32 EST 2008

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> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 23:59:06 -0500
> From: Ghislain Harvey <ghislainharvey at videotron.ca>
> Subject: Re: [Coco] Coco Digest, Vol 55, Issue 20
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> I think I found what the problem was. I was trying to rebuild the 
> copy from
> the coco downunder but I think this one have an error. I managed to 
> build it
> correctly today; the game was still not working so the guy on the 
> internet
> did something wrong with the sector patch.
> Sadly I can't show proof that I own a real copy so you don?t have to 
> send it
> to me.
> Ghislain

i didn't realize that the game was available as a download.

has it been released to public domain?

if so, i have no problem with sending you the files needed to create
copies of the program.


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