[Coco] .CAS images and VCC

James McKay jmckay at jmk1.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 17:36:35 EST 2008

"Joe F" wrote:
> I'm working on getting VCC to support .CAS files and I'm running into a
> snag. I'm not sure how to ask this so I'm just going to ask.
> Does it seem there are a lot of non-working images floating around the 
> net.
> I'm getting mixed results trying to load various files and I'm wondering 
> if
> its me or just bad images.
> I think I've got it right as some images do work but alot more don't. Also
> anything VCC chokes on also makes MESS choke, so far as I've tested.

I think I read a while back that there are a lot of old CAS images that 
don't contain the proper gap between blocks, so they don't work on the real 
thing or on emulators that emulate the tape motor properly.

That might be your problem...

James McKay.

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