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John Donaldson johnadonaldson at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 24 18:51:46 EST 2008

IIRC.......Basic09 will access C routines or is it the other way around.

John Donaldson

George Ramsower wrote:

> I just finished a test with Basic09.
> The book says that if you "pack" a program, it will run faster.
> NOT!
> I ran a series of four routines to move all three axis back to the 
> home position. One calls upon the other three.
> Running the same routine from Basic09, it took 2:41 (minutes/seconds)
> Running the same routine with a "Packed" procedure, it took 2:41 
> (minutes/seconds)
> I can see the advantage of having it packed into a procedure if RunB 
> and the procedure is in memory and it will be called upon often. 
> However, for development purposes, there is no advantage in packing 
> this stuff. It goes no faster if packed.
> Bummer.
> I've also learned that the multitasking in OS-9 is not what it 
> purports to be.  If I run procedures in more than one window, it does 
> each one in about 1/5 second increments. Maybe more time on each one. 
> I'll have to test this accurately to see what it really does, I'm only 
> guessing right now.
> I still love this OS and I would't trade it for the world!
> I can see that usiing interupts is the way to go for REAL multitasking.
> Alas, Basic09 is my thing and I will have to live with it until I have 
> time to learn assembly language. But for now, I'm really busy making 
> this CNC machine do what I need. Learning assembly would totally shut 
> down the progress on this CNC machine until I learn how to do a new 
> programming language. So, Basic09 it is.
> Another bummer.
> So far, I'm really pleased with how this thing is working. Accuracy is 
> as I wanted, repeatability is EXACTLY what I wanted and the thing 
> really looks good.
> Soon, I'll have to take it apart and paint it. Yet another bummer. 
> However, it must happen...  I think.
> I'm not so sure I need to do that. WD-40 will protect it and it will 
> always be indoors. The steel parts are only in the frame work and the 
> imortant parts are either stainless, aluminum or brass. So, perhaps 
> it's okay the way it is.
> I'll post the generic programs to operate this thing to the website 
> when I get a chance.
> Meanwhile..
> www.coco.thetinbox.com
> George
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