[Coco] [coco] Coco CNC

Bruce W. Calkins brucewcalkins at charter.net
Thu Feb 21 05:56:21 EST 2008

> Soon, I'll have to take it apart and paint it. Yet another bummer. 
> However, it must happen...  I think.
> I'm not so sure I need to do that. WD-40 will protect it and it will 
> always be indoors.

Wipe the machine down with Automatic Transmission Fluid, (ATF).  It is a 
better rust preventative and lubricant and works well as a cutting fluid 
too.  It can be thinned with kerosene or even cleaned off with kerosene 
should the gunk build up in the ATF.  WD-40 dries to a waxy crud that can 
bind up fine parts.

Bruce W.

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