[Coco] OS9 Community Network files now available

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Wed Feb 6 12:49:30 EST 2008

Thanks for making these available, Bob.  It looks to me as if a lot of
this is stuff that was also available on Delphi back in the day.  I'm
going to check these files against the lists of old Delphi files on the
Wiki site here:  http://www.coco25.com/wiki/index.php/Internet_Resources

It would be nice to put these files up on RTSI, or the Downunder
download area as individual files, or at least with some kind of index
that includes a short description, so people can find what they're
looking for.

Thanks again for preserving this material.


Bob Devries wrote:
> Hi gang.
> I have just uploaded a bunch of LZH files to cocodownunder.
> These files represent what I have of the original OS9 Community
> Network, from the FIDO network.
> They will live here:
> http://coco.clubltdstudios.com/downunder/OCN/
> Files are:
> ocn_os9_app.lzh
> ocn_os9_gam.lzh
> ocn_os9_gra.lzh
> ocn_os9_mul.lzh
> ocn_os9_mus.lzh
> ocn_os9_pro.lzh
> ocn_os9_ribbs.lzh
> ocn_os9_sys.lzh
> ocn_os9_tel.lzh
> ocn_os9_uti.lzh
> ocn_rsdos_edu.lzh
> ocn_rsdos_gam.lzh
> ocn_rsdos_gra.lzh
> ocn_rsdos_tel.lzh
> ocn_rsdos_uti.lzh
> These archive files represent the various file areas that were
> available on the FIDO BBS' when that system was still running.
> As usual, there will no doubt be a lot of duplication.
> Enjoy!
> -- 
> Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland, Australia
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> the capacity to be his spokesman,
> so that I know how to help the weary.
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