[Coco] Still having problems with Assembler

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
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Are you using the ROM version of EDTASM or the Disk version?
If you're using the disk version, are you assembling to disk or memory?
If memory, are you aware of the limitation imposed by EDTASM regarding the 
start address of your program? The manuals suggests that you use $6000 (for 
EDTASM) or $3800 (for EDTASMOV).

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> Can anyone see what is wrong with this assembler program?
> 000050                     ORG     16384
> 000100         START       JSR     43304
> 000110         BK1         NOP
> 000120                     END     START
> It assembles with zero errors; when I try to do a GSTART in the
> Zdebugger, the application just hangs.  Shouldn't I at least get a
> cleared screen?
> I've even tried to set a breakpoint at BK1 with:
> X BK1 at the # prompt.
> I'm starting to wonder if trying to write assembler code in an emulator
> is not a very good idea?
> Chuck
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