[Coco] Blast from the past!

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Sat Feb 2 00:16:22 EST 2008

On Fri, 1 Feb 2008, Ciaran Anscomb wrote:

> Arthur Flexser wrote:
> > Even the possibility of using Semigraphics-6 (which never worked right, and
> > therefore was never used for any commercial programs) was eliminated by
> > substituting real lowercase for this mode in the later CoCo 2s and the CoCo
> > 3.  That is, the poke that on the CoCo 1 and early CoCo 2 that would bring in
> > Semigraphics-6 became the one to enable real lowercase.
> Erk, is that right?  Do you actually lose the semigraphics in that mode
> on a T1 CoCo?  I don't have one to test, but I'd have assumed only the
> alpha characters (bit 7 clear) would be affected.
> I did know that the CoCo differs from the Dragon in this mode due to
> buffering the data bus, so you can't get the almost high-resolution
> graphics intermixed with SG6 on a CoCo that you can on a Dragon.
> ..ciaran

Not to worry, only the useless Semigraphics-6 was lost, not any of the somewhat
useable higher semigraphics modes.


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