[Coco] OS9 Lev1 Ver2

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:52:39 EDT 2007

Hmmm... my experience with OS9 L1 v2 to make a working 40tDSDD were with DP
Johnson's SDISK utility. I managed to get a working boot after some trial
and error, the SDISK package I inherited did not include any documents.
After a couple of false starts I managed to complete the upgrade process
form the stock CCDISK to the new SDISK along with its device descriptors.
One thing I had missed doing was running the D.P. Johnsons included BOOTFIX
utility after the new system disk had been created - this was a requirement
of the way OS9L1 is set for the CoCo, BOOTFIX would shuffle some things
around in the boot sector to allow the 40tDSDD to come up properly as such,
otherwise I was stuck to boot with a traditional 35tSSDD and *had then*
switch to a properly done 40 track (with all the CMDS and other required
files) to work with the system.

Perhaps someone else can shed some details as to why Bootfix is required on
the OS9L1 SDISK version (I am interested in knowing about it) and also on
Chester's issue here...

-=[ Rogelio ]=-

On 10/19/07, Chester A Patterson <vchester at setec-cr.com> wrote:
> Messing around with OS9 Level 1 Version 2. Replaced CCDisk and
> associated floppy descriptors with rb1773, DD, D0 & D1 from NOS9 Level
> 1. All this on a 35 track single sided disk. Boots great. Format a 80
> track double sided floppy, cobble it, DED OS9Boot so the DD, D0 and D1
> descriptors have the correct cylinder count (&H50) and sides (2). Try to
> boot it. No dice. Tried with 40 track double sided. No dice. 80 track
> single sided. Nothing. Tried every combination. Nothing. Tried OS9Gen
> instead of Cobbler. Nothing. I can boot with the 35TSS disk with 80TDS
> descriptors no problem, CHD & CHX to a big disk and all works fine. Just
> can't make a big bootdisk. I can make all the 35TSS bootdisks I want
> using RS-DOS BACKUP. But that's not the point. What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks. /Chester

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