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Or just ask them if they will honor the existing agreement. I would be surprised if anyone would say no to basically "free money" unless Lonnie made spcific stipulations in his will.

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You are correct, but without an agreement with the current copyright 
holder I would not feel comfortable going forward.   It seems to me that 
the next step is for someone to determine who the current copyright 
holder is, contact them, and attempt to forge an agreement.

Michael Harwood

Frank Swygert wrote:
> IIRC, the contract is just for distribution. You can hand-off all the 
> scanning and such to others here with time to help then just handle 
> the actual distribution of the final product. That should uphold your 
> end of the bargain without taking to much of your time. I don't have 
> the time either, but others here do.
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