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> The Rainbow on Disc project has come to a halt pending acquiring
> permission from whomever is the current holder of the copyright to the
> magazines.  I have sent snailmail, attempted phone communication, and even
> convinced Mark Kramer to call Prospect's City Hall to see if she could get
> someone to pass along a message to get things going.
> At this point I am halting all work on the project and putting it up for
> grabs to anyone who is willing to acquire permission to continue.  I will
> ship all project resources (e.g. magazines, all magazine images, Document
> Express software, etc) to the person(s) who can provide documentation that
> they have permission to continue this work.  I will pay for shipping via
> USPS media mail   within the US - any sort of international shipping will
> need to handled by the receiver.
> I am truly sorry about this, but at this point the time my work and home
> life require does not leave any room to continue the project and I would
> rather hand over the reigns than let it fester.
> Regards,
> Michael Harwood

I don't know if Steve's offer of his wife's services was for "free" or 
not, but Frank's suggestion of donations for a lawyer to look into this 
was a good one.

I have been following this project since it started - I think it is a 
*very* important part of our community, and should proceed. I, too, 
would exercize caution in moving this to another individual. Please, 
don't do anything rash. I understand that home and work life might be 
getting in the way of this project, but for now, just let it sit.

I would be willing to donate (via paypal or whatever) for hiring a 
lawyer. I would also be willing to donate to help pay for storage and/or 
safety (for instance, storage of the project in a safety deposit box). I 
think this project is that important.

Let's work on this - I am sure we can get this rolling again.

-- Andrew L.Ayers
    Glendale, Arizona

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