[Coco] Apology

Hex Star hexstar at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 23:16:54 EDT 2007

I sincerely apologize for all the trouble I have caused. The way I
introduced myself was wrong and improper. Right from the start I got
on everyone about getting files for the archive and never made any
participation apart from trying to obtain files. From then to the Ira
incident and beyond I carried the issue much farther then I ever
should have and strongly regret what I did.  My obsession with
obtaining files was unnatural and very wrong. I never asked any
questions regarding Coco's nor helped out with any such questions and
instead detracted from others who were seeking help as I dragged on my
obsession to obtain files. Without even a proper introduction I
continually obsessed over getting files. I very much regret and am
ashamed of what has happened as a result of my conduct on this list. I
hope that in time you guys will be able to forgive me for my actions
for which there is no excuse. I am now unsubscribing from this list.

Very sorry,


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