[Coco] Survey of Coco realtime clock users

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Fri Nov 30 19:46:50 EST 2007

Robert Gault said the following on 11/30/2007 04:22 PM:
> I'd like to get an idea of how many people have some type of realtime 
> clock installed in a Coco system. Don't bother replying regards emulators.
> Indicate what chip you have and where it is installed. My reason for 
> asking, besides curiosity, is to find out how many users are subject to 
> battery wear out and clock failure.
> For example, I have a Smartwatch DS1216 (sold at one time by Tandy) 
> installed in my RS-232 pak instead of the ROM. Just had to replace the 
> battery.


	I have a SuperIDE with realtime clock. Don't remember which chip it is, but, 
the battery is easily replaced.

Christopher R. Hawks
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